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Story number one: saving and sharing.

Howdy, all!

Wow, have things ever changed since we launched last summer! The shop has nearly tripled in size, we’ve added over a dozen incredible vendors (and better yet, their incredible STUFF!), and we’ve adopted a secondhand shop dog (Ms. Nellie says ‘hey!’).

Most relevant to this platform, however, is that we’ve FINALLY gotten the web site working as it should (onward and upward, right?!).  With momentum increasing, and both functionality and confidence restored, you can expect us to begin sharing stories (and donut teasers) here more regularly in the coming weeks and months…


Speaking of donuts more regularly, though, we’re thrilled to announce that our South Minneapolis shop will now be open every weekend through Labor Day: we realize that creative inspiration strikes more frequently than two weekends a month, and we believe you deserve to have better access to environmentally responsible supplies and materials (and free donuts). Plus: because we’re mission driven to rescue beautiful, used stuff from a downward spiral toward the landfill, a 100% increase in our shop hours should equate to a 100% increase in the volume of high quality, aesthetically interesting product we’re able to save from the waste stream and share with you.

On the topic of saving (oh, and sharing things): we’re kicking off our summer season with a massive BONUS Sale. When you come into the shop this coming weekend (May 30-June 1, 10-8 daily), everything will be discounted by 20%, except (don’t you hate exceptions?) products with red-lined tags (oh, but wait: those will be 50% off, instead…).

If you haven’t made it into the shop yet (or if you’ve not been in since November’s expansion), this weekend will bring an even-better-than-usual opportunity to become acquainted with what Junket has to offer (with the added bonus of greater-than-usual bang-for-buck).

If you’ve been to Junket since our expansion through the wall and into the basement, then you already know that this weekend presents an uncommon opportunity to stock up on creative supplies and materials, plus all things vintage and artist-made… moreover, the more room you help us free up by visiting the shop and taking home treasures, the better our means to offer another wildly different experience again *next* weekend (and yes, rescue and share even *more* great used stuff).

Want a free Junket tee (100% reused and reprinted!)? Spend $40 at the shop this weekend, and we’ll give you one (if you ask politely and give us this code: Story1).  ;)

Peace, love, and donut holes,


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