Story number two: letting go of what we think we want

You can relate to this, I know. There are times when that thing that you have and think you want just isn’t working… the beautiful, toe-pinching-and-misery-inducing pair of shoes, the delicious and massive donuts that make you ill to the stomach, the job that everybody else wants (but that makes you want to crawl under your desk and hide)…

Insisting on the shoes – or the donuts – or pushing yourself through that job – will keep you from comfort, health, and bigger/better… And often, getting past that ‘just isn’t working’ piece is the biggest obstacle: letting go, in order to move forward. Yes, this opportunity for comfort, health, and bigger/better is also possible when the letting go isn’t really your choice. By the way, we speak from experience from *all* of this stuff (including the donuts, the shoes, and the ‘dream’ job).

So, despite our exclamation in Story Number One about having gotten the web site working correctly, we’ve continued to bang our heads against a tool that was, despite best efforts, still preventing us from moving forward. And so now, we’ve let go. For real this time. And having done so, we’re excited to FINALLY be moving forward…

We invite you to check out the new content. We’ve taken steps to include stuff you’ve been asking for (like, details about how to become a vendor at Junket, and resources for selling your stuff elsewhere), stuff you may not have known you needed (like a downloadable copy of our Recollection Roadmap) and to make the site manageable for us (which includes swapping out labor intensive product for replicable beauties made using secondhand stuff, like our dictionary page prints).

Having taken the leap, we’re now thrilled to have shed, oh, about a thousand pages (and 5000+ images) worth of responsibility — and in the process, we’ll be bringing much of that unique product back into the shop over the course of the next several weeks, meaning we’ll have more great stuff like this:


And yes, stuff like this, too.


We know you want to make that sweater, btw.

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