From ‘We’ to ‘Me?’

I’ve spent a lot of time talking in the ‘first person, plural’ POV during the last four years. At first, ‘we’ was just Junket and me (and a 2-year-old rugrat whose own voice was mostly unintelligible). As I posted, tweeted and blogged into the ether as the voice of Junket, being ‘we’ made it easier to share ideas without feeling overexposed as I navigated the ambiguity of first time solopreneurship.

Over time, that ‘we’ grew to include others: volunteers and supporters, people who believed in what we were (I was) doing, who valued what we (I) valued, and who, like me, wanted to live in a more creative, more thoughtful, more soul-enriching world. Junket’s online community grew – as did its real life community… and as the business started to scale, it also grew to include new team members…. Today, with my time increasingly in demand to provide leadership – both for the company and within the greater community – Junket’s voice (and the development of content) have been delegated to a talented young pro ready to amplify its reach (thank you, Candice!). And with this successful transition, perhaps it’s become time for me to start talking in the first person again (do I even know how?)…

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