The jumble in my head is starting to line up:

For-profit benefits + non-profit incentives + tax benefits (er, unchecked tax fraud) here = continued/enabled environmental abuses + labor abuses elsewhere.

When consumers happily rejoice as they purge their unwanted stuff in the spirit of ‘helping’ — and when the secondary goods market is directly encouraging the ‘helping’ while benefiting directly to the tune of eight figure profits (“Good job, Bob – you donated a shirt and helped a non-profit”) when the reality is that unprecedented waste – originally generated under sweatshop conditions — is subsequently making its way into the streets and trash bins of developing countries, and when rampant tax fraud is being enabled by the same secondary goods market players in the name of “I don’t see anybody complaining – everyone’s making money, so who’s getting hurt?,” perhaps we’re overdue for a level-set.

More to come.

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