Spring weekend ahead!

Hey, everyone! The blog posts have been rather few and far between this winter – we’ve been busy ramping up: first as a 5-days-a-week shop, and more recently, with our jump to every day! We’re eager to be the daily resource you guys have been wanting for great used materials and creative supply.  The Minnehaha Mile will be hopping again this weekend (Fri-Sun, Apr 17-19), so if you’re not already otherwise committed, please come on out and support the shops during this beautiful early-season weather…

As many of you (especially our Longfellow contingent) are aware, Minnehaha Ave is in the early stages of a reconstruction project. We’re *very* excited about what’s to come for this scrappy little business district — but we’re also mindful of the impact that can be expected as the improvements get underway. So- we’ll be posting out here (and everywhere else) a bit more frequently to keep you all apprised of things you might need to know. Most important: we’re going to remain open every single day (7 days a week, 10A-8P), with or without pavement in front of the shop, through the duration of the project.

One ‘orienting’ detail worth noting (if you want to make a quick, unimpeded trip to Junket from outside the neighborhood) is that we’re super easy to reach from Hiawatha (Hwy 55):  find the McDonalds (on Hiawatha at 41st St E), then turn right off of Hiawatha onto 41st St. E, drive 3 blocks, and you’ll be sitting pretty, right at our corner, with lots of easy parking options.

See you soon!

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