It’s been a busy few weeks — besides hustling to find time to get this new site up and running, we’re in transition at the shop, which means I’m covering a few shifts this week (due to a strong team this has become a rarer thing in the last year or so).

It’s been great running into so many of you — including several who came to my talk in April (thanks again!). I’m looking forward to doing more of these in the coming months (and to having enough room – in our new basement class/creative/community room – to host them at the shop).

The week ahead promises to be a good one, and it’s my hope that by the time we reach Friday, you’ll actually be able to see what I’ve been writing about (as I type, this site is still in dev)… site launch, incoming!

I’m off to open the shop (well, actually, I’m off to make myself some breakfast before opening the shop).¬†Enjoy this gorgeous day, friends!

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