Basement progress update!

IMG_5460When we launched our basement floor rehabilitation effort, we weren’t quite sure what to expect of the process. Would the concrete need several weeks to dry? How long would the work take? Where would we put all of that stuff? What would the room look like when it was done?

We didn’t know the answers to any of these questions. What we did know, however, was that the work had to happen, that the results would be a huge improvement over prior state, and that we were beyond ready to get started.

In lieu of clarity, we chose to plow ahead and trust that things would work out the way they were supposed to (it’s not surprising that this ‘go with the flow’ approach to taking risks has been central to Junket’s continued success). And with that, we pulled the trigger and held onto the reins.


With most of the project now visible from the rear-view window, we’ve concluded that going with the flow was, indeed, the best approach:
while it’s taken several weeks, the work is nearly complete – and already exceeding our wildest hopes and expectations.

With the end now looming like a much-awaited vacation, we’re eager to embark on the creative effort that will produce a new social space from a formerly-dilapidated room that had previously been home to the crustiest of our product offerings. By choosing to reuse the room in a new way, we’ll now have dedicated space for events, classes, and gatherings… a space that will make possible a whole new range of festive social gatherings.

Since we were already dragging broken chunks of concrete out of the basement and the effort didn’t completely throw us off our game, we’ve decided to also repair one more problem spot before hanging up the trowelsIMG_5458 (our friend Becky of Eclectic 887 has been patiently – angelically, even, and without complaint – merchandising around this uniquely-challenging design constraint for waaaay too long).

This last photo is a shot of her space (with improvements in progress).  We’re eager to see what she brings into the shop when the area is newly ready for prime time…

That’s the scoop for today. Well, that, and furiously working to fill content gaps within this new web site.

The Jr. Shopkeeper and I will be back in the shop tomorrow (Friday) night for the 2:30-8 shift. If you’re in the area, pop on by and see the progress in real time!

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