What’s up with Standing Rock?

Friends! We know a lot of you care about the planet (and while vintage is super fun, many of you also shop for used product before buying new stuff because you know that doing so is of ecological importance).

Just like your environmental decision to opt for reuse indirectly keeps carbon in the ground, the tribal women of the Standing Rock Sioux are fighting – at risk to their own safety – to keep carbon in the ground. They’re doing this for our planet — and for their children (and for ours). The stakes are high — but the risks of failing are higher.

Has the connection between our weather, increasingly dire water shortages, our children’s environmental health/wellbeing (both current and future), and the tribal activism in ND been successfully made yet?

Would you like to understand it better?

Great! We’ve got a two hour primer to recommend (Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything).  Pop up some popcorn, grab your sweetie – or the entire fam – and pull it up on iTunes (or Amazon) on demand.

Not big on screen time? The book is even better — and more comprehensive (we recommend buying it used – an easy-to-use search limiter on Powell’s, Amazon, eBay, and others).

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