Hang tight

Well, we’ve had a lot of fun creating and populating the new web site. After sharing its presence with friends last night, we got word that there were blank pages (where there had previously been content).

And so- it’s back to the drawing board again. The site is being rebuilt once more (second time in three weeks), but in the interim, we’re live with the new content (partially empty), because we’d redirected everything from the old, mostly-static site. We wanted to explain what we’re dealing with on a portion of the site that appears to be functioning — hence this post — instead of trying to upload a notice on multiple blank pages when the issue we’re fighting is the disappearance of text on those pages.

Grateful to have a team handling this on our behalf while we focus on continuing to overhaul (and fill!) the shop in anticipation of a busy, high-traffic fall (and the upcoming NightMarket!).

Have a great day, friends-


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