Dear friends…

I’ve been wanting to check in with you guys all week, but urgency has trumped importance as we’ve prepared for tomorrow’s NightMarket and worked to bring more of the businesses on Minnehaha into the MinneMile fold (Habitat’s Re-Store just opened! New friends at Better Futures! Strange Boutique opening soon!).

There’s so much I could share with you right now. Like how much of a pain in the ass it can be when dealing with city bureaucracy. Like the unexpected, sometimes interpersonal challenges of keeping an informal group of people focused on a common, forward-looking goal…

But what I really want to let you know if how incredibly proud I am of a team who has pulled together in this last week to create a new shop experience in time for tomorrow’s NightMarket

It’s going to be great, by the way. I even got my hair cut for the occasion (this morning. in the shower. DIY, all around.).

Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend. And those other stories? I’ll save them for another time — when we’ve successfully worked through the challenges and can celebrate solutions, instead.


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