Revel, relax, connect.

In my twenties, at the turn of the century (and millenium), I lived downtown. I bought my first home there, choosing a 600 sq ft condo, despite my ‘must have space for entertaining’ prerequisite, because one hike up to the shared rooftop deck – complete with looming skyline views – foretold countless celebrations (and promised adequate capacity).

In the years that followed, my neighbors and I developed friendships and helped existing friends find homes in the building. The celebrations we hosted – often together – were (at least as I remember them) epic: festive socials on hot summer nights, low-key mid-week wine gatherings, even the occasional NYE fireworks observance (a quick rooftop escape from a larger, warmer celebration happening in the speakeasy-like party room — another amenity shared by the building’s residents).

A new era (single parenthood) brought new stomping grounds, new neighbors, and new friendships. Despite so many changes, one strong inclination has remained: an innate drive to orchestrate social environments in which those around me may revel, relax, and connect.

And to that end, the relaxed revelry of last night’s street market felt like home, and the satisfied company of so many wonderful humans felt, in many ways, like family. Thanks for coming out, friends. Your presence was both a joy and an honor.

Photos to come…

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