Ever listen to someone else’s well-intended idea, and then regret having ignored your own gut?

We’re soaking in a bit of that sensation today as we acknowledge that the spirit of Julie’s entrepreneurial discussion (a spontaneous offering intended to be helpful to friends and acquaintances seeking to chart their own self-employment path) got lost when we decided to charge admission.

Huge mistake on our part (did we say ‘huge?’). So we’ve made a late-in-the-game decision to eliminate the tickets (and we’re refunding all tickets purchased to date). Instead, we’re opening it back up as a free session with an invitation to come out and see what happens. And then, we’ll work with whatever happens. 🙂

For those who did purchase a ticket in advance, seating is guaranteed in a spirit of gratitude for your early commitment.

This is admittedly one more lesson for all of us on the entrepreneurial path (if it isn’t working, fix it fast).

Thanks, friends.


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