A Day at the Office

The work I’m doing more of right now (planning, strategy, writing, prepping mentally) has led me to make Peace Coffee Shop-Wonderland Park my de facto office of choice… it’s been great to have a front-seat view to the last gasps of construction on Minnehaha (Peace and Moon Palace Books suffered nobly over the weekend as rains prevented the crews from finishing the sidewalk replacement project until yesterday), and it keeps me from being distracted from things like dishes and cleaning and laundry…also nice to have friendly folks as part of my routine of the moment.

I generally grab a bottomless cup of coffee (and cut it liberally with both half & half and decaf so I’m not twitchy as I leave) as I mentally prepare for the day’s slog (or muse), but my most recent head cold has led me to make the leap to tea (and just in time for tea season)…

It’s always rewarding to let the pros do what they do best, so I relinquished my choice to the barista this morning, with exceptional results… Dan thoughtfully combined a recent favorite (Ginger-Turmeric- so trendy!) with a Bergamot-Sage blend to produce this elixir… with a throat-clearing zing and notes of, um, holiday stuffing, it’s a potent dose of energy and comfort all in one.

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