About last night.

On Friday afternoon, I made a last-ditch decision to eliminate the ticket price on last night’s discussion at the shop. I admittedly had some anxiety about the event being a bomb after April’s unexpected demand, and made plans to spend the next few days promoting.

The next morning, I awoke with a scratchy throat: would I get through this oncoming cold by Tuesday night? I decided to accept that I wouldn’t know the outcome until Tuesday, then put a hold on promotional plans, and moved forward (if with TP shoved up my nose to prevent post-nasal drip from waking me up overnight).

Last night, nine humans (in various places on the path to self-employment) joined me and my tissues in the shop’s new social space.

Unlike the dynamics with April’s roomful, the smaller group made it possible to learn about each person’s dreams and attendance motivations before launching into the storytelling… and the experience was lovely in a very different way.

One attendee asked me afterward why I had voluntarily decided to refund his ticket the prior week (“I was happy to pay, and the content was valuable”).

Truth? Because it felt so damn good to be able to give a gift than to transact with expectation.

Give generously to others + receive a powerful, positive boost to my own brain chemistry? That’s a no-brainer.

It’s also why it makes sense to continue offering to connect in this way.

To those who have attended already, thank you!  For those who would like to do so in the future, you can periodically check for offerings on our events page or sign up for our email list.  If you’d rather have details sent to you, you can follow our Events feed on Facebook (not sure how? Easy to follow instructions here).

Peace and gratitude,


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