What a week!

It’s been a wild one around here — last weekend’s bonus sale was a hit, and our reset during the last several days has given us a (beautiful!) run for our money. In addition, I’ve stepped back into a more active role in our daily social media production — which means a commitment to daily writing that, while intended for the blog, is, at least for now, being channeled elsewhere (and will re-expand to this platform as we continue to do a better job of integration between platforms…baby steps, right?).

I’m excited about all we’ve gotten done in the last few days — we’ve gotten so much new product on the sales floor as we’ve launched week 1 of a 13 week program that we’ll be using to coordinate updates, product replenishment, resets, and sales going forward… this sort of structure has been aspirational until recently — but we’ve hit the ground running, and are thrilled to have better systems in place for product replenishment and merchandising as we hurtle toward the holiday season (and as we celebrate the end of road construction later this year!).

Be sure to check out what’s in shop right now via this site’s photo gallery — we’ll be updating photos out here weekly to keep pace with the rapid changes that happen at the shop… fun, huh?

Thanks for paying attention – we’re doing our best to keep it entertaining (and useful). 🙂


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