Baby steps

When we launched our first e-commerce site back in 2013, we didn’t know what we didn’t know… and of course, the worst of what we didn’t know was that the database behind the entire site was corrupt. Um, problem… which might explain why we put our fingers in our ears and kept plowing ahead with the shop proper…

As we start to build e-commerce version 2.0 in late 2016, we’re taking things one baby step at a time —  because we’re pretty clear about what we don’t know — and we want to make sure we understand we build a strong foundation before we subject the rest of you to an experience that we’re not able to actively manage (well, that, and we want to make sure that the results are easy, accessible, and fun for all involved…).

Right now, we don’t quite understand how to actually publish products on the site — and we’re still fighting with shipping options and writing up friendly messages like ‘thanks for your purchase’ and ‘we’ve shipped your order!’ — but we’ve figured out how to create a product (and, since we don’t need to ship it, we figured we’d share it here). 🙂


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