A quick primer: options for selling your stuff

Every day, people walk into our store wanting to sell their belongings. And every day, we have to communicate – at risk of disappointing a potential reuse ally – that we don’t buy from the public.

Over time, we’ve developed a fair amount of expertise about how to sell stuff (we regularly sold via a range of channels before opening the shop, and we also interact frequently with other resellers), and we’ve communicated – again, daily – ways that others might more easily find buyers for their treasures.

But we’ve also grown sensitive to the emotional ins and outs that accompany relinquishing one’s belongings. As in, each of us believes our stuff is worth more — simply because it’s ours (wanna understand more about the science behind this truth? Here’s an interesting article about ‘The Endowment Effect.’ And that makes it hard to let go of something we perceive to be an asset.

And so, we’re thrilled to share this brief primer , written in the spirit of addressing both the emotional – and the tactical – details of turning a profit on the sale of your stuff. Please feel free to read and share:


Thanks, friends!


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