Making life easier

Eight years ago, life got awfully complicated as new parenthood and another, more unexpected change in family status combined to rip out the proverbial rug.

It wasn’t just the elimination of one nuclear family member and the arrival of another: household processes and systems had all gotten uprooted. Nothing was the same, or even familiar — and chaos ensued.

As much as Nietzsche’s quotation “one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star” has resonated more recently (and in fact, it was the familial descent into chaos that created the circumstances for Junket’s beginnings), it’s also true that unmitigated chaos quickly becomes a burden and a barrier, and in the last eight years, we’ve experienced plenty of that, as well.

For better or worse, physical disorganization is often a reflection of inner chaos — and many of us struggle intensely to get our arms wrapped around the stuff we allow into our lives, both physically and emotionally.

Papers are, perhaps, the most notorious evidence of physical chaos (which do you keep? which do you throw? How do you find them when you need them?)…

We’re big fans of solving ‘stuff’ problems in tandem with solving other, more human problems — and you know we love keeping things organized! So- in the next few weeks, you’re going to see us teaming up with a true pro, and together, we’ll be bringing you some #BetterThanNew tools and products for getting and staying organized in the office.

There’s no sense in allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by chaos — but there’s also no sense in contributing to the needless manufacture of more paper clips or file folders. And if we can feel more like the selves we’re meant to be while we care for for our stuff and our planet through better, more thoughtful choices? Even better.

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