It’s great to be eight!

14691302_1189862837752093_372317490365212746_oGuys, not only did this kid muscle through a full day at the shop today, but she insisted on bringing in the outdoor display all by herself (requiring my help only for four items she wasn’t able to physically maneuver on her own).

Incidentally, she took her first shop phone call today, as well (and successfully so, helping the caller with a requested phone number for one of the other shops).

And then? Delivered a batch of riddles to the team at @parkwaypizzamn for their Thursday Night Trivia series (she was commissioned for riddle duty after volunteering one earlier this week that stumped most of the tables).

Over the years, I’ve noticed a few times where I’ve blinked and she’s seemed to mature overnight– but today was in a league of its own.

I’m so proud of this Jr. Shopkeeper! I’m also grateful that you all give her such incredible opportunities to engage and be helpful — It’s easy to be oblivious to how much she’s soaking up from the grown-ups around here until I learn that she’s given someone a private tour of our back stock area to find a special request (because she’s seen that thing you needed, and it wasn’t on the sales floor — yep, that happened today, too).

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