This particular bit of paper (originally pulled from a calendar, if memory serves) has been with me more than half my life:

14500689_1190961327642244_6967928716972239238_oIt’s graced cube walls and bulletin boards, spent time on refrigerators and in file folders…. and somehow, despite my ability to mangle entire reams without effort, it’s still in remarkably good shape.

it resurfaced again today (this time, unearthed from the pile I sometimes refer to as ‘my desk…’), and hit me yet again: life *is* what we make it! Yet, this is sometimes all too easy to forget.

Tonight, I’m grateful for choices: we have so many of them (and of course, the sum of those choices = life as we’ve made it).

Thanks for choosing to spend time with us this weekend — it was fun to share our most recent changes with you guys!

Sweet dreams, all – here’s to a stellar week ahead!

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