It’s SO exciting to share this update!

As you know, Junket is all about reuse and appreciating what we already have — we’re so focused on reuse as a solution to our global environmental crisis (and our collective wellbeing) that we’ve built our brand around it: at Junket, literally everything is secondhand — or made using secondhand components:

When we expanded in late 2013, we were lucky to get connected with Brian Geihl of Dogfish Media. His art had long been a fit at Junket because his screenprinting inks were all secondhand (MCAD screen-printing class discards).

Unsurprisingly, Brian’s prints have been a top seller at the shop (in fact, they’ve been a top seller all over town – even the Vikings have commissioned him to create work for the new stadium). We kept an open line of communication as his business has grown, knowing that increasing demand for his work would diminish his supply of secondhand ink and as that happened, his standard prints would no longer be an appropriate product, given Junket’s reuse requirement.

That tipping point happened this summer, and as we phased out his existing prints (which are still available at, we launched a new conversation: might Brian be interested in printing on secondhand materials provided by us?


Yes, he might. In fact, he was (here’s how he describes this partnership).

We handed off our first batch of vintage pages and papers, and then got back to the business of running the shop.

On Tuesday, we took delivery of this first batch of one-of-a-kind prints (and gave him more materials for a second batch… because he’s enjoying this as much as we are!).img_0091

They’re even better than we’d anticipated (but don’t take our word for it — come in and see them for yourselves).

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