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We’ve known that things would pick up once the road construction ended, but it’s a blessing to finally be experiencing the upswing!

Today brought an unexpected batch of new traffic after our shop was highlighted during a segment about the Minnehaha Mile, and we know things will continue to pick up as word gets out that the road has reopened.

Here’s what Ma Rosko had to say about Junket & the MinneMile:

We do want to clarify one specific point for the sake of the continuing record: some of our product does come from beyond 25 miles from the shop. Here’s how we maintain some control in the product assortment (i.e. above/beyond donations and cast-offs):

-We limit our vendor/consignor relationships to a 25 mile radius: we don’t want to encourage people to repeatedly drive long distances to sell their stuff here, and prefer to support artists and entrepreneurs in our own community.

-We rarely leave Minneapolis proper to source product for the shop (our recent trip to visit family in Iowa, resulting in a serendipitous haul across state lines, is one notable exception).  Even visits to the suburbs are rare.

-We source some secondhand product in volume via online purchases in order to keep specific in-demand items in stock.

In addition to limiting carbon emissions related to our product assortment, this geographic/environmental priority creates a design constraint for the planning and procurement of products and materials.

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