My particular line of work has opened my eyes to the sheer volume of needless waste — and the toxic effects of our collective compulsion for stuff — on our bodies and our planet.

As a direct result of my experiences (I trust others are also voting as a direct result of their own), my politics are overtly environmental, and in an ideal world, I’d have voted for a candidate whose ethics are oriented toward our collective vitality and well known to be above reproach.

My vote (last week), however, was pragmatic. My chosen candidate wasn’t on the ballot (and despite my disappointment, I’m not going to dwell in the why-nots or what-ifs – I hope that we’ll have a chance to see his influence increase exponentially post-election).

I’m not wearing a pantsuit. I don’t have confidence that her politics will get us where we need to go (even as 180 other nations have signed on to save the planet) — but I know for a fact that the other candidate is dangerous to global stability for more reasons than his embarrassing temperament.

And so, I voted for a woman (yes, for the first time). I did it because she was the best choice – realistically speaking – among the ones we were given (considering the competition, the bar wasn’t particularly high).

I wish I felt more enthusiasm (I don’t). But as the candle (lit in honor of suffrage-seeking predecessors who fought for my right to vote) flickers and I sip a glass of wine and distract myself from tonight’s soon-to-launch play-by-play (something I’ll choose not to sit through out of self-preservation), I’m trusting that the greater good will prevail, and as always, that tomorrow will be a new day.

There’s much to be done. And if you haven’t yet voted in MN, you have 51 minutes left to get to the polls. Please do it.

Love to you all.

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