We’ve had a lot of talk about values during and since the most recent election cycle.

The work I do through Junket is tied closely to putting my own values (encouraging environmental stewardship, fostering community, creativity & healing, seeing possibility & potential) into action. It’s no surprise that the recent election results represent a huge step backward with respect to many of the things I hold dear.

We have the power to make choices that reflect what we want to see more of in our world. Supporting businesses that make our communities more livable is a good way (and in a collective sense, the only way) to make sure these businesses thrive.

There are a lot of great folks in this town (and in this state) who are also running businesses based on things that matter to them (and to many of us). I’m lucky to know many of them through a growing coalition of high-roads small businesses.

Many of us (us, as in citizens and shoppers and winter holiday observers) will be spending more than usual during the next month and a half. If we want to spend our dollars locally, thoughtfully, and wisely, there are some great places and people ready to serve you.


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