New 100% Reuse Product: BINGO, quotation notebooks

Really proud of this new product:

img_0099 img_0098img_0002

Using reams of paper rescued from a grandma’s basement, vintage bingo cards donated by a thoughtful customer, binder rings sourced secondhand via eBay, a quotation courtesy of Ernest Hemingway, and a bunch of other previously-owned bits, we’ve produced a product line made entirely from secondhand materials:

Literally nothing new was manufactured in order to produce these. And they’re not kaput once the first batch of paper has been used, either (we’ve designed for continuing reuse).

Bonus: we’ve put this and a handful of our other handmade/100% reuse products online at – and you’re the first to hear about it. Just follow the link on our home page to explore what we’ve hurried up and done with an impending Cyber Monday in mind… (#reuse #reclaim #zerowaste)

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