I’m not sure how great we’ve been at keeping you guys in the loop about this, but our carbon impact work has taken some big steps forward as of late, and it’s exciting to share some of our stats (we try to weigh and classify every purchase at checkout…).

Between January and October 2016, you guys have helped us keep more than 5 tons of materials out of the waste stream.


In addition to keeping these items out of the landfill, you’ve refrained from purchasing these items new, so you also get to take credit for having avoided creating more than 28 metric tons of CO2e (greenhouse gas contributing heavily to climate change).

It took us quite a while to figure this out, so while we’re giddy about being able to share data, we’re even more excited to head into 2017 with our data gathering mechanisms already in place.

Grateful that you’ve continued to support our business so we can continue to do this work with certainty (and science) propelling us forward.

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