Doing the Work

After a year and a half of wishing and freaking out about costs and then getting over it and concepting and strategizing, then building and gathering data and assessing results and tweaking formulas (and so on) with some of the smartest guys I know (that’d be Timothy Roman & Ted Carling of Ecotone Analytics, GBC), Junket has some pretty damn useful preliminary data that connects individual purchasing decisions with incremental environmental impact (pro and con).

We’ve got a long way to go — but preliminary data affirms that our efforts to genuinely keep carbon in the ground through our work aren’t merely so much wishful thinking. To the contrary, we’re making positive traction, and our 2017 numbers are likely to be exponentially stronger…

I’ll be sharing more data and stories in the coming months — but mostly, I wanted to poke my head up from the spreadsheets for a moment to share my excitement.

Thanks for having my back.


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