Carbon impact data: highlights and context

Here are some highlights from our recently published carbon impact update:

1. Landfill diversion @ junket, Jan-Oct 2016: 5.236 tons of product sold, weighed, and classified by material type.

2. Carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) from new manufacturing avoided because these 5.236 tons of product were purchased at Junket instead of new items purchased elsewhere, Jan-Oct 2016: 28.08 metric tons.

Visual: imagine (28)10-yard-wide/10-yard-high balloons belly-to-belly, lined up nearly three football fields in length.

Some food for thought:

One new pair of Levi’s 501s requires more than 750 gallons of water just to get to the retail floor (and 20 kg of CO2e…).

A sweet vintage pair requires none of either.

-An existing paper clip can be flown between NYC and LA (2x, round trip) for less CO2e than is generated producing a new one.

Continuing to use an existing paper clip already in your possession generates none.

Reuse is powerful, and your choices are, too. 🙂

And on that note, we’re off to be thankful!

We’ll be closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving, open again on Friday morning at 10AM. See you then!

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