Measured Accountability

Here are a few follow-up thoughts to last night’s post about Junket’s accumulating carbon impact data…

Jan-October 2016: We have successfully weighed and documented 5.236 tons in secondhand product purchases during the first 10 months of 2016.

Jan-October 2016: Secondhand purchases made at Junket allowed our customers to avoid driving demand for new production of similar items. By choosing reuse instead of new production, our customers collectively get to take credit for avoiding more than 28 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Side note: we had a sloooow start to these data gathering efforts, so we estimate that these figures represent only +/- 20% of actual product sales during this period (click through the image for more info):janoct2016climate

How much more impact could we be having?

A new pair of Levi’s 501s requires more than 750 gallons of water just to get to the retail floor.

An existing paper clip can be flown between NYC and LA (2x, round trip) for less carbon impact than is generated producing a new one.

The case for reuse as an environmental necessity (as opposed to something ‘for poor people’) is rapidly building.


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