We’ve Put a Stake (Not a Snake) in the Ground.

Last week, the US Commission on Civil Rights issued a statement regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline, challenging the President and administration to reflect on the entire relationship between the US (a nation of immigrants) and sovereign Indian nations before continuing with the project.

This is important for all of us because clean water is a global concern. A government operating in service to corporate interests instead of in service to humanity — or to the commitments they’ve made — is also quickly becoming a global source of anxiety.

As consumers, we contribute to both ends of this mess: we drive demand for oil with our driving habits and our appetites for endless new stuff (it takes fuel to manufacture things– even if those things are completely useless and unnecessary), and upstream, we allow banks to use our money as a tool to help corporations pay for things like pipelines and private security forces that use attack dogs and displays of brute force.

Today marks the first day of a two week nation-wide push encouraging consumers to take their money away from Wells Fargo and US Bank (both funding the pipeline) before the holidays. If you are concerned about the situation but can’t get to Standing Rock, this is one powerful thing you can do to control how your money is leveraged.

Changing banks can admittedly be a royal pain in the ass, so we’re doing our part to create an extra budget-friendly holiday incentive: bring in evidence of your WF or USB account (closed anytime between 12/1/2016-12/15/2016) and we’ll give you a 20% discount on your entire in-store purchase. This offer will continue through December 24th.

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