Tomorrow is…

Tomorrow’s a big day in more ways than one.

In addition to the first MinneMile event coordinated by our friends at Strange Boutique, we’d be missing the boat if we didn’t also acknowledge an historic day at Standing Rock, as thousands of unarmed veterans join the water protectors to stand up to armed forces where Cannon Ball meets Missouri.

We’re at a crossroads, both socially and environmentally — and it bodes reflection as we immerse ourselves – if uneasily – in a holiday season that, this year, carries a different tone.

More than ever before, we see the importance of our choices: where we spend, who we enrich, what we consume, how we think and act in relationship to issues, traditions, expectations… it matters in hundreds of thousands of tiny and not-so-tiny impacts that all add up over time…

All along Minnehaha Ave, small business owners are creating jobs in our community, encouraging local development, and keeping carbon in the ground by giving you easy access to the most sustainable goods possible: the ones that already exist.

Tonight, I’m grateful for our extended community of thoughtful contributors and builders — both in this town and well beyond.

See you in the morning, friends.


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