New year = new rituals and routines.

Woot! We’re excited about what’s ahead — and we’ve made some recent changes. Here’s what you want to know:

1- Winter hours are now in effect! This year, that means we’re open 10AM-6PM every Friday through Monday. This last year, we tested opening a bit later, and we didn’t love it. We hope that bumping our open time an hour earlier again will be a win for all. We’ll revisit hours and days again as the days get longer. For now, you’re nesting, and so are we… 😉

2- After five years of willingly accepting donated goods – both on behalf of other entities (Reuse Drives) and for resale/reuse at the shop – we’ve concluded that in order to continue this practice in the future, we will/would need better infrastructure. While we explore this, we’re discontinuing all donation programming. In the interest of continuing to provide support on this front, we’ve updated our list of recipient organizations (and we’ll continue doing so):

3- We’ll be using the days we’re not open this winter to complete full section resets — meaning lots of new stuff in the store each Friday, plus some time to take photos and share the goods with you guys before the shop opens each week…stay tuned!

4- The shop team has really leveled up over the last couple of months, and we’ve got some good stuff planned for 2018. We’re eager to share more in the days and weeks ahead (patience, patience). For now, take a peek at the events page, swing in to see the changes each week, and also join us for some January creative classes with Molly & Meg (fun!)

Here’s to continuing the adventure…

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