Thursday push

Wow. Since moving to winter hours for a few months, Thursdays have become PUSH days around here — hustling to get the sales floor – and our social media — ready for a four day sales sprint (while it’s not exactly a sprint, it’s good for us to get into an execution rhythm, and the team has been using these drills to upgrade various areas of the shop that have become tired and dusty… this week has been no different.

I have a longer post in the works, but it’s going to take more time/energy to finish up than I have at 11PM on a Thursday while hosting a nine-year-old sleepover, so I’ll share a few thoughts, quickly, and save the longer post for another time.

To continue this week’s theme of noticing, I’m happy to share that yesterday’s zero waste food option became today’s lunch, because I (set two reminders not to forget, and therefore) remembered to bring a container from home this morning. Today’s veggie lunch was, however, bookended by meat-based chili last night (freezer option) and again tonight (leftovers).

While I could chide the end of a streak, instead, I’m choosing to notice: throwing away perfectly good food that’s in my freezer because I chose to purchase it at another time would be a poor choice for all sorts of reasons, so I choose to eat the meat – and to enjoy it while it lasts – and to take ownership of my choice and the context in which I made it.

Tomorrow’s a new day. It’ll be a packed one: the many projects we started today will get some extra attention in the morning. With each of these weekly pushes, we’re getting better and more comfortable with our roles and interrelated responsibilities. It feels good (and by the time we’re ready to go daily again, we’ll be ready).

Thanks for following along on these meanderings. It feels good to be writing regularly again.

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