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Shop announcement: 20% off storewide this weekend, plus a strategic move to online platform = renewed focus on long term vision

Thanks for all of your support and excitement since we reached out with our heads up message a couple of weeks ago! Plans continue to come along and we’re ready to share the first piece of the puzzle with you.

We have big plans coming swiftly together (on the heels of big ideas), and long story short: This is good. Very good.

Those who’ve been paying attention already know that Junket’s end game has never been about traditional retail (vintage or otherwise): during our time at 41st & Minnehaha, we’ve used shop operations to test products and messaging, to gather data and accumulate smalls, to observe trends and behaviors, and to shamelessly evangelize reuse as a strategy for creative expression, community building, self-compassion, and climate mitigation. And dang, have we given away a lot of donuts…

We’ve made space for healing, for conversations, for laughter, for humor, for getting hands dirty, and for cheerful profanity, to boot… most of all, we’ve put heart & soul into this little corner, and as we paused to look around this spring, we realized that the law of diminishing returns had gone into effect, and we weren’t having the sorts of social impact that the business exists to achieve.

Despite scads of pent-up energy waiting to be poured into our bigger, system-shifting ideas, our more audacious projects have struggled for traction because an existing collection of routines, many implemented more than half a decade ago, have demanded more of us than it makes sense to give.

It struck us that the best and biggest changes we’d ever experienced (including a failed marriage) had emerged from a fresh slate. And so, a clean slate it is!

This clean slate involves two key changes:

1. We’ve decided to move junket’s retail operations online in order to devote our full attention to generating revenue in support of pursuing our long-term vision.

2. We have also made a strategic decision to close our original shop at 41st & Minnehaha.

We’ve made these decisions in order to prepare for scale.

Not only is a strong online presence fundamental to achieving greater impact, it’ll also give us a national platform to promote the most sustainable goods possible (the ones that already exist).

We see unmet demand within online creative/maker and zero waste communities, and we’re motivated to help drive not only a change in offerings, but more importantly, to drive new expectations for what’s possible. We all deserve better options. We all deserve to know more about our choices.

A clean cutover (rather than trying to bolt a new e-commerce strategy onto an existing retail venue) has emerged as the best plan for delivering a strong online experience. Once our site is up and running smoothly, we’ll pivot back to reestablishing our local/social presence (we’re excited about this, too!).

But first, we’ve got a storefront to empty! (with your help…)

We’re going to do this emptying in true Junket style, with a series of escalating discounts during the next several weekends (Fridays through Sundays, 10AM-6PM).

This weekend, anything you find at the shop will be 20% off of its marked price.

Anything. Everything. All of it.

In order to create the most efficient clearance process possible, we will announce discounts during the week prior to each weekend’s clearance sale. Vendors and staff will be removing products from the shop at their discretion between clearance weekends (some for online, others for destinations unknown), so if you see it, and you want it, better grab it before it goes.

We’ve put together an FAQ to address loose ends: details about returns, store credit, classes and other things you may be questioning. If there are things we’ve failed to answer, you can reply to this email with inquiries.

Sign up here to help us test during the soft launch of the new online site!

And, as we’ve alluded, there are more updates to come. Stay tuned – keep reading, keep visiting – and please, help us spread the word! We’ve been so grateful for community support during these last five+ years (and we know you’ve got our backs as we take these next steps).

Thanks for your continuing support and enthusiasm- we’re excited to be taking these next steps with you!

With warm regards and so much giddy anticipation,

julie & the junket crew

Remember: weekends only through the end of July • Fridays thru Sundays 10AM-6PM ——————————————

Shop Closing FAQ

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