We’re excited to report that we are seeking two PT team members to run our eBay operations as a team (apply by October 21 for consideration).

About the work:
This is a support role that helps fund the types of environmental and community work that Junket is known to produce.

With our recent move to new digs now completed, we’re excited to kick back into high gear with your help (note: if this isn’t the gig for you, we’d also welcome your help routing this message to anyone who you think would rock it – thanks!).

Our primarily Mac-based online operations take place in a warehouse environment. This work involves some moving and lifting of product (for photographs, inventory, etc.) and also involves some use of ladders.

Our experience with online listing is that a lot more can get done with a buddy (and the work is more enjoyable, too), so we’ll be looking for the best combination of two people who bring the right blend of skills (we don’t need you to have all of them, but the more you bring, the stronger your application will likely be).

Schedule: 20 paid hours/week (plus breaks) with a regular schedule of your choice: 4 hours/5 days or 5 hours/4 days each week, with choice of hours anytime between 9AM-4 PM Monday-Friday.

$15/hour to start.

Desired/required skills & behaviors:

• Proven production experience with online sales (ebay/etsy/chairish, woocommerce, facebook/instagram, other relevant dotcom listing & selling). eBay is our top priority at present.

• Mad Excel Skills are a featured highlight in your generally strong degree of computer proficiency

• Solid photography props with an eye for composition

• You’re great at copywriting – both descriptive and keyword

• A healthy sense of both social trends/popular styles and broader market valuation (i.e. you’re up to date on what stuff is worth/how to quickly make an assessment to determine products or groupings appropriate for sale).

• Reliability. You show up on time, you can be expected to produce good work.

• The emissions from your commute wouldn’t significantly offset your work here (i.e. the closer you live to our Longfellow/Seward warehouse digs at 26th & Minnehaha, the better).

• You place a high value on active collaboration, empathy-based communication and efficient, output-oriented work habits.

About Junket:
We are a woman-owned and women-run small business operating at the intersection of community, creativity, and reuse. We are currently relaunching our operations base with an eye toward rapid scale.

Our commitment to environmental regeneration is a priority that we do not take lightly, in part because we would like humanity to continue to exist 100 years from now. We also know that privilege is alive and well and are doing our part to contribute to solutions.

Culturally, we’re committed to achieving a common, collaborative goal of supporting a growing community – and each other – through an existentially important transition.

We place a high priority on maintaining an emotionally healthy workplace culture via nonviolent communication (NVC), leading with empathy, and committing to doing our best work (go team!).

When we problem solve, we’re deliberate about seeking solutions where everyone wins (and at the very least, where no one loses).

We want to do good work with people who are excited about Junket’s mission and ready to contribute their talents (as laid out in the skills section above).

We value your pronouns, whatever they may be – and we invite you to bring your whole peace & justice-loving self as you step in to help us take this social enterprise to the next level.

Next steps:
Interested parties should apply/submit their resume via our Employment Application form (https://shopjunket.com/apply-at-junket/).

Applications for these two part time roles will be accepted through October 21, 2018.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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