The Morning After…

Wow. Thanks for the fabulous response to yesterday’s news, everyone! I never thought I could get so excited about an online order from Middle Wisconsin (but maybe things were just extra giddy b/c I’d stayed up all night?)…

If you missed it, we launched a big new offering: a t-shirt printing service designed to be fully circular (as in, if you send us your already-loved t-shirt in already-loved packaging, we will print it (using scrap drum ink that just happens to be beautiful!) and send it back to you in the same already-loved packaging you used to ship it here. OH: and ground shipping. Because that’s what you do when you know that putting things on planes creates 10x more GHG emissions, and you know that GHG emissions are an existential threat.

There was so much hubbub going on with the launch that I thought I’d go through it again today, only this time, with feeling (or, at least a bit more slowly)… here’s the scoop:

You: pick a t-shirt. Thrift it? Source it? Steal it? (NO. Don’t steal it. But you get the picture…)

You: decide which graphic you want on it (you can find those here — more graphics to come soon!). You might actually want to do that first: all the inks are limited run because they get mixed up in batches from the remainders of other projects (the first round is a super fun mauvey color w/ a pearlescent sheen to it…an unexpected hit on black clothing) – but either way, you’ll need to download the form and pick a shirt. Two things. Easy!

Then, you complete the form, send it in with your t-shirt, and we’ll do our thing:

When we’re done printing, we’ll send it back to you – in the same packaging (because zero waste, and also because zero new emissions).  What this means? You’ll have a custom t-shirt, exactly as ordered.

Even better, it’ll have been done with our planet’s constraints in mind – which means it’ll have a tiny footprint

And while 77 grams might not mean much to you, let’s just say that it’s less than 10% of what’s required to make a new cotton t-shirt (even using the most virtuous manufacturing solutions possible):

And it’s not just a massive difference in carbon dioxide emissions that you’ve avoided: did you know that making a single new cotton t-shirt requires more than 500 gallons of water? That’s before it ever reaches the sales floor…  so while it doesn’t feel great to think about using someone else’s drinking water vis-a-vis that bargain you found on the shopping mall’s clearance rack, you can feel GOOD about choosing the most sustainable items (products, materials) possible: the ones that already exist.

Any Questions? (if the FAQ doesn’t answer them, def reach out and ask…)

Until soon!


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