It’s been a while since we’ve posted updates via blog (with so much other infrastructure-related work begging for attention, this has been back-burnered for a bit). Thanks for your patience, and here’s a quick point-in-time summary about our ever-evolving business model (complete with photos!)…

Rather than trying to force our square peg business into round hole real estate, we deliberately settled our merch into temporary digs this spring as we decided to wait patiently for – and then evaluate carefully – emerging opportunities with the goal of finding one that screamed ’how could we NOT do this?!’ We know that this will happen when it’s supposed to happen (in fact, it’s already becoming clearer), and until we have a definitive plan in place, we’re going with the flow…

While this decision has left us without an easy address or drop-in/pickup spot, we’ve been grateful for this important fallow time that’s made it possible to develop new product flows for many of the different types of treasures & collections that had been offered at our shop on 41st over the years.

You likely your own reasons for visiting the shop (whether for environmental, experiential, creative, caffeine, and/or community purposes), so we’ve been strategically partnering to create access to specific types of products and materials in places where most of you are able to find what you need (and, still, when you need it). Current distribution methods are as follow:

For zero waste/plastic free and environmentally-oriented functional reuse goods, head to Tare Market (Minnesota’s first zero waste market). Junket’s supply there is rotating (school supplies now, mending supplies next). Check out a recent reset:

For quirky/creative/vintage/witty commerce (including our swear towels!), visit Darling Amalgamated Retail Emporium in South Minneapolis (hint: both Ann Meyers of Annrocks Apparel and formerly of Gumball Collective, and Liz Plambeck of Universal Pants also have their treasures at D.A.R.E… some of the best stuff around). This isn’t a super curated photo gallery (didn’t have ‘need photos for web gallery’ on the brain as I was taking these), but you’ll get the picture:

For vintage jewelry & smalls + creative supply:

-For even more vintage jewelry/smalls/creative supply:

-For some of our larger vintage, one-off, and random, not-exactly-Junket-brand products:

-For coffee and conversation a la Junket, you’ll find Julie back on Minnehaha on Monday and Friday mornings just one block north of Turquoise Vintage at The Fix Studio & Cafe (she’s missed your smiling faces!). Pro tip: BYO mug for a zero-waste latte-on-the-go. When you visit (at least during spring/summer/fall), check out the secret garden in the studio’s backyard — it’s perfect for a coffee picnic (with or without rugrats) while you sip and chat…

-For more of Junket’s vintage, kitsch, and random items and a more social/recreational shopping experience, but also for a huge range of options when you’re looking for a specific kind of thing (i.e. vintage typewriter/cast iron stuff/furniture options), ACME JUNK Co.’s new venue in downtown Amery, Wisconsin opens August 29, 2019 for the first time (both Turquoise Vintage and Junket have signed on as vendors). Between ACME’s massive assortment, other area thrift/antique shops, an abundance of small town garage sales, and so many divey places to eat, there’s enough in that area for a very full day or weekend road trip… here’s a sneak peek:

We’ll be providing more Junket updates as we have them. In true form we continue to evolve… 😉

Hope to see you soon!



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