Junket makes the erth a betr place

This five year old post from the shop’s Facebook feed just popped up as a ‘five years ago today’ memory on my own begrudgingly-kept account — an essential reminder that my preteen’s empathetic convictions have long been deeply felt.
Her message is a true statement still: at Junket, we make the erth a betr place.
We do this for the sake of thriving not just as a business or a species or an environment, but because environmental care can not reasonably be isolated from psychological, spiritual, social, & self care, and god knows we could all use some healing right now…
While I’ve shared only whispers about Junket’s HQ activities during the last several months, we’ve got some excitement in the soon-to-pop hopper!
After a couple of visible false starts in the last few years, my approach this time has been to develop this thing in the spirit of ‘here, I made this, do you like it?’ instead of trying to predict and announce how quickly things will or will not come together to an audience of tens of thousands…and thank goodness, because this has been quite the journey!
Walls are being painted this weekend. Flooring installation, too (bonus1: the subfloor is checkerboard! bonus2: new flooring is secondhand on-brand, as the building owner shares my affinity for secondhand stuff and has been willing to work with my ‘no new stuff’ design-build specs). Pushing that reuse frontier, always!
As with the last time we did something with a commercial space, we’ll start small (relatively speaking), and then we’ll build.
It’ll be fun to share more soon. Maybe mark those calendars for the first weekend in April, and stay tuned?

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