Gratitude, Creativity, & Adapting to (Unwelcome) Change


It’s been a wild week. With our last update, we were telling you all about the prep we’ve been doing to get ready to welcome you into a space designed for social activity!

Instead of moving forward with plans for a big sale on April 3-5, however, we’re now acknowledging that bringing people together in person, whether to work, create, learn, play, or enjoy the thrill of the hunt, is not currently advised due to a certain global pandemic.

Thankfully, what we can offer *without* gathering in public is also useful right now, so we’re going to start there.

First, we’ve done this ‘adapt to (unwanted) change’ thing a few times, and we’ve learned some things about responding with agility and the desired end state in mind… this is an opportunity (albeit a frightening, life-changing one likely to be accompanied by grief and loss) to find meaning, connection, and new ways of thriving. We can do this, and we’ll do it together, and somehow, we’ll all be better for it.

Second (tactics and all), our inventory – and our secondhand packaging – has been hanging out with us in a nearly empty, low-risk, low-touch, building environment as we’ve been preparing to relaunch (and we already *know* we’re offering products that won’t eff up the planet…win/win), so we don’t have to send any panicked emails about increasing our hand- and counter-washing: we’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing, and now, we’ll do more of it, because that’s actually *better* than many of the other options available.

And so, with no further adieu, here are some resources (headlines are links!) for staying well and making healthy progress while social distancing, with support as needed from our low-risk, high-quality, low-carbon stash of stuff to inspire, distract, occupy, and facilitate…  consider the possibilities!

1. Gratitude is good for our brains! It’s a pretty powerful antidote to fear, and combining it with an ongoing creative practice such as junk journaling is a great way to practice self care and keep things in perspective. If you’d like some creative inspiration, we’re happy to provide it:

Link to

2. Social Distancing with kiddos in the mix? Crafting with simple reuse materials is one great way to distract them from screens and encourage creativity (plus more great stay-at-home ideas in the linked header!)

3. Keeping your own hands busy is another great way to reduce anxiety, and visible mending might be something to take up or continue: it’s good for your hands, good for your closet, and good for your creative spirit, too!Link to

4. Working from home could leave you without access to the supply cabinet… you knew we couldn’t NOT have paper clips, right? 😉 Anything you need that you aren’t seeing? Let us know and we’ll make it available, secondhand!

Link to


5. Is This The Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For to prepare for the launch of your *own* business for good?  Julie’s got consulting availability and would be happy to explore your ideas with you by Zoom or Skype!

6. Coping via distraction? This is a healthy defense mechanism! Come and browse, just like you used to (retail therapy without the massive carbon footprint – or the dusty basement):

Link to


ALSO: we will be checking in with you more often in the days and weeks ahead to let you know how we’ll be adapting our new model to even newer circumstances, to share more about how you’ll be able to participate once we’re (all) better equipped to be social again, and also to make sure folks are feeling connected during this time of upheaval. Ideas? Needs? Let us know!

In this together,



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