social impact

social impact

Junket is a social enterprise committed to operating in service to community and to the environment through creativity and reuse (our friends at The Growler recently wrote about it here).

We hope our commitment to fostering positive social change through for-profit business will inspire others to dream big, gather your power, and kick some serious ass on behalf of our planet and its people.

Small things add up, and we’re on a mission to prove that this is true. We weigh and classify purchases made at Junket to help us understand how our individual day-to-day consumption habits impact global issues such as climate disruption and waste diversion.  Here’s what we learned last year:

We believe that when people have the information they need to make the right decisions – combined with easier, more satisfying access to the products underpinning these wiser decisions, we’ll have cracked the ‘how do we keep it in the ground?’ carbon code. Imagine it: building an entirely new supply chain for reuse – and through efficiencies of scale, building a new economy – based on the statistical truth (and a common understanding) that our goods don’t automatically become trash when we’re done using them.

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