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  • About Junket

    If a business can not be profitable without inflicting harm on people and/or on the planet, then that company should not be in business, period. This premise makes Junket an anomaly among conventional businesses, because rather than inducing people to buy things they don't need, we choose instead to meet consumer needs - as they arise - with the most ethical products possible: the ones that already exist.
  • About our work

    Junket is part resale, part research and development, and part culture change. We're using data to help our community understand their direct connection to carbon dioxide emissions and waste diversion: a single small choice has exponential impact when made by 7 billion people. There's no bigger impact on global greenhouse gas emissions - and the climate crisis we're currently facing - than our collective consumption choices.
  • About Our Team

    Our most successful team members show up ready to work hard and have fun while making a (statistically measurable) difference. When we add new folks to our team, we focus first on cultural fit and behavioral competencies, recognizing that operational tactics can be easily taught. That being said, having experience with one or more key functions is obviously a benefit and something we look for as part of the total package.
  • The Basics

    SO- now that you've done your research, do you get the sense that you and Junket would be a winning combination? Great! We'd love to consider your application. Every once in a while, someone lets us know that the form is being quirky. While we haven't had difficulty when testing, it's probably a good idea to write and save your application answers in a Word document so that if the computer eats your homework, you haven't lost the content. If technology is interfering, we're open to receiving said word document along with your resume via Thanks! Let's start with the basics:
  • Skills: we need them, you have them

    As of October, 2018, we have two PT online sales positions open, and have updated our employment application accordingly. Think you could bring the talent we need? Tell us more!
  • At the end of the day, we're running a retail shop with typical retail service needs: greeting guests, helping them pay for their purchases, and making sure the cash drawer synchs up at the end of a shift. How much experience do you have directly supporting retail sales in these sorts of ways?
  • How much experience do you have setting up and shooting products for online resale?
  • How much experience do you have working in tools like ebay, etsy, wordpress and/or WooCommerce to list products and fulfill sales?
  • How much experience have you had in inventory intake/receiving functions?
  • Not listed above? That doesn't mean we couldn't benefit from your time and talent... tell us more about that thing you do and why it would behoove us to hire you accordingly.
  • Availability

    Please help us understand your immediate and future availability:
  • Please confirm that one or more of these schedules would work well for you.
  • In the interest of making it easy for people to have lives outside of Junket, our retail staff cover regular shifts each week (the team is good about swapping shifts when needed). Weekend coverage is especially critical in retail, so if you're able to regularly commit to making sure we have a weekend day covered, we may just love you forever. With this in mind, please select the days of the week that you could enthusiastically pick up on a weekly basis (within the framework of your overall weekly availability, which we ask about in the next question). 🙂
  • What sort of schedule would work best given preferences and prior commitments?
  • Your Qualifications

  • (are you eligible for employment at junket?)
  • At Junket, we save the drama for storytelling. Please share a few thoughts about how you proactively resolve communication breakdowns and keep your working relationships healthy.
  • We're serious about having a positive impact in our community, and we look for the same impact-oriented focus when we review applicants' submissions. Please tell us a bit about what motivates you, why you want to work with us, and how you'd propose to add value through your time and talents. Thanks in advance!
  • Please upload your one- or two-page PDF-formatted résumé here:
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg.
  • We realize these online job forms can be a little impersonal, and there are times when having the option to share a bit more would be welcome. This is your chance to have at it (have fun!):
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