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Trump, Russia, and Reclaiming Personal Power In The Time Of Climate Change

It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted here– I’ve found myself consuming content more than producing it as drama at the top of our government plays out in real time. As we woke up the morning after the 2016 election, a few things were painfully clear: this was not going to go well for the […]

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Choose slow shipping, please!

I stopped flying about a year and a half ago after learning — just before hopping on a plane — that air transit produces roughly 10x the emissions of ground transit (distances and volume being equal). As the plane hurtled down the runway burning jet fuel, I grappled with the knowledge that this, multiplied times […]

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What Not To Do On Cyber Monday (if you give a shit about humanity)

SO- the day after tomorrow is the kick-off of the online binge-shopping season, and we have some thoughts about that. Did you know that pound for pound and mile for mile, flying produces 10x more carbon dioxide emissions than ground transit? (Yes, those are the same emissions causing rapid global warming). If you’re feeling powerless […]

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A personal follow-up from Julie as we relaunch

Friends, it’s been quite the road. After an unexpected nudge out of the building at 41st earlier this year, I’ve spent much of 2018 in both personal and professional transition toward a new phase that, for all purposes, begins with today’s digital launch. Leaving the shop behind was both difficult and a relief: difficult, in […]

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Minneapolis social enterprise Junket: Tossed & Found relaunches business with climate classes, ethical online product, and an action-oriented seasonal campaign Citing the direct correlation between consumer purchases and climate change, Minneapolis company Junket: Tossed & Found initiated the launch of a new business model on Wednesday, hoping to reach the community in anticipation of what […]

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