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What Line?

“What line in Standing Rock would have to be crossed to demand our resistance that had not been passed over long ago? Do we wait until the Missouri River flows with oil? Would we need the police to begin shooting the water protectors with metal bullets instead of rubber ones? When white people rather than […]

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Tonight, we’re grateful for the bravery of those who are putting their lives on the line to protect a critical multi-state water supply. We’re also grateful to those who came out last night to learn more about Junket’s continuing efforts to effect positive environmental systems change… As we ponder the impacts of new executive leadership […]

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Proud Mama

The #jrshopkeeper kept it real tonight– prepping a shelter (complete with sleeping mat and a welcome note) outside the shop, and then offering a carefully prepared and heartfelt speech (complete with audience engagement) to a roomful of people during our fourth birthday celebration this evening… #proudmama #shoplife #innovation #sherockedit

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