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What Line?

“What line in Standing Rock would have to be crossed to demand our resistance that had not been passed over long ago? Do we wait until the Missouri River flows with oil? Would we need the police to begin shooting the water protectors with metal bullets instead of rubber ones? When white people rather than […]

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What We’re Up Against…

That time when a company that claims to design new Christmas sh*t for Target and Walmart brings an entire tour group of design employees through your shop to ‘find inspiration’ and you make a point to actively engage the company’s bosses in a conversation about Junket’s goal of driving down demand for unnecessary new product/garbage/sh*t […]

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Carbon impact data: highlights and context

Here are some highlights from our recently published carbon impact update: 1. Landfill diversion @ junket, Jan-Oct 2016: 5.236 tons of product sold, weighed, and classified by material type. 2. Carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) from new manufacturing avoided because these 5.236 tons of product were purchased at Junket instead of new items purchased elsewhere, Jan-Oct […]

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