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Choose slow shipping, please!

I stopped flying about a year and a half ago after learning — just before hopping on a plane — that air transit produces roughly 10x the emissions of ground transit (distances and volume being equal). As the plane hurtled down the runway burning jet fuel, I grappled with the knowledge that this, multiplied times […]

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Sustainable Choices Within Our Busy Lives

Morning, friends! What a week it’s been: big successes locally, and some exciting coverage nationally. And, we’re not done yet! Last week, I spent an hour chatting with Amanda Gates of Gates Interior Design about how to live more sustainable lives despite our busy-ness, how small changes can have big impact, and how to actively […]

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Finding what you need without buying it new in Minnesota

This past week, I’ve written a few things about the importance of reuse (i.e. using things again — a practice distinctly different from recycling) as an environmental practice. One of the trickiest things about finding what you need without buying it new is actually finding it, used — because supply chains don’t exist for that […]

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Nothing but my undies.

I own almost nothing new – though I make an obvious exception for my underwear. I buy (most of) my stuff new because I’ve learned just how much more sustainable it is to use something that already exists than to encourage and incentivize the manufacture of something new. You might be thinking ‘yeah, well you […]

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