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Yes, you can donate your ratty old clothes (in fact, you should)

This morning, I was chatting with a neighbor who shares a commitment to extending the life of used things. In so doing, we struck upon a common question: “what can I do with ratty clothes that aren’t good enough to donate?” Answer? You donate them. Here’s why: There is a bustling international secondhand rag trade […]

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Brain food: books we love

Earlier this week, I shared my affinity for the influence and insights of Seth Godin. Doing this got me thinking about so many other thought leaders who have helped me develop my own perspective on our world, our environmental circumstances, our consumption habits, and the need to embrace a more heart-centered, humanity-centered, and reuse-centered approach […]

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A quick primer: options for selling your stuff

Every day, people walk into our store wanting to sell their belongings. And every day, we have to communicate – at risk of disappointing a potential reuse ally – that we don’t buy from the public. Over time, we’ve developed a fair amount of expertise about how to sell stuff (we regularly sold via a […]

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