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Big changes, few details, lots of intrigue, SO much excitement, storewide discount, & moving to weekends (so we can make more good stuff happen…)

Hi, friends! It’s been a while since we’ve reached out with an update about shop life, and we’ll be honest: even this message is only a teaser for what’s to come (with paperwork still pending, we’re doing our darndest to keep lips zipped, but we also have some changes rolling out that we want to […]

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Seismic shift (on a personal scale)

Hi, friends- it’s been a while since I’ve written as anything other than Junket’s ‘we’ persona, and it’s not without some hesitation that I start speaking in my own voice here. Will I be able to sustain a somewhat-regular writing effort without getting thrown off my game by shop emergencies? I don’t know – and […]

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Minneapolis Commits to Better Small Business Support

Many of you have heard about how difficult it’s been simply to have Junket open and viable as a business in Minneapolis because of city constraints and internal practices… this change will make it possible to improve the city experience for *all* small businesses. Read more:

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Join Us For The Inaugural MinneMeander!

It’s almost here! Join us for the inaugural MinneMeander on Sunday, December 4th– you’ll find Santa at Turquoise Vintage, and a strange photo booth experience at Strange Boutique. Plus, Junket’s Junior Shopkeeper and her pals will be helping you wrap your gifts at Junket between noon-4. Check the MinneMile Facebook page for details! xoxo

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What We’re Up Against…

That time when a company that claims to design new Christmas sh*t for Target and Walmart brings an entire tour group of design employees through your shop to ‘find inspiration’ and you make a point to actively engage the company’s bosses in a conversation about Junket’s goal of driving down demand for unnecessary new product/garbage/sh*t […]

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