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More Questions Than Answers (Oh- and Plastic Free Farmers Market?)

When we become dogmatic about something, be it religious belief or political mindset or which kind of sweetener we should be using for the sake of our health and wellness, how do we truly know that what we’ve become staunchly supportive of (or opposed to) is a wise choice? We’re freaking out: but are we […]

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CONSUMERISM: Global Impact and the Power of Personal Style Choices

We’re all in this together! Thanks for your interest in understanding how you can participate more effectively as a global consumer and citizen through your fashion and clothing choices. We recommend you take a few minutes to become familiar with the context and framework through which we can create sweeping change through individual actions. Spend […]

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How Levi’s thinks we should be doing our laundry (or: the Emperor’s not wearing any blue jeans…)

I gotta hand it to them: Levi Strauss released their new ‘recycle your clothing‘ program this week with a whole lot more fanfare than they shared their Life Cycle Assessment back in March. The recycling program (which gives customers a 20% discount on new product when they bring in their old clothing to be recycled) […]

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