Clip-On Earrings From Muriel’s House

Muriel’s house, the gift that keeps on giving…while cleaning out Muriel’s home, we were stunned to find hundreds of pairs of clip-on earrings (yes, you read that right—HUNDREDS), all neatly organized in boxes. Pearls, rhinestones, dangly, dainty, shimmery, glistening rainbow hues—how could we possibly leave these sparkling beauties behind?

We surmise, based on other evidence we’ve uncovered, that most of this jewelry collection likely belonged to Muriel’s niece, Kim, who was the executor of her estate. What really moved us, aside from the sheer number of earrings and the obvious TLC that went into to storing these darling jewels, was that even the earrings that were missing a stone here or a bauble there, were saved and tucked safely away—in spite of flaws, all were deemed worthy to tuck away for safekeeping. It’s as though Muriel, Kim and Junket were destined to find each other…{sigh…}

As much as we adore this precious treasure trove, we also realize that clip-on earrings have kind of joined the ranks of phones with cords and floppy disks (we know they’re not utterly extinct, but…), which gave us inspiration for a new class! Join Junket’s very own treasured jewel, Julie, for an Earring Conversion Class, on February 26, from 5-6:30 pm, where you’ll learn how to convert clip on earrings to pierced (or vice versa—we’re all-inclusive, all the time, here at Junket!). Bring your own earrings, or purchase a pair from Muriel/Kim’s collection for the class. Click here for the deets!