I have a confession. Most of you won’t bat an eye (but I’m pretty sure some of my aunties will conclude that I’m going to hell for this): I worked with a talented psychic for guidance as this little adventure got going several years ago (I feel like I’m coming out right now!).

Anyway: Christine knew her shit (one visit led me from utter ‘I bet she’ll creep on my Facebook page’ skepticism to the uncomfortable reality that I was now a bona fide believer in the ‘woo-woo’ and would have to adjust to being one of ‘those’ people). Before we wrapped up, she offered two words to guide my entrepreneurial path: “Involve others.”

That sounded like smart guidance, regardless of the source — and so, we did. We involved others every chance we got. In fact, we even talked about ourselves in the first person, plural — before there was anyone other than me and a tow-headed toddler (I figured I had authority to speak on her behalf…).

Today, we continue to involve others — because it’s working — and because it’s a whole lot more fun to make change happen in collaboration with other folks who share common goals and ideals than it is to machete through the wilderness of small business ownership alone…

Our friends along the Minnehaha Mile have been great to work with — and we also work with some stellar vendors and consignors (we couldn’t have kept up with the demand for great vintage and handmade stuff without them!).

We’ve chosen to involve our customers as collaborators, too — because when given the choice between fear and excitement, we prefer to embrace and enjoy new friends than to scrutinize strangers over the potential risk of things that almost never happen. And yes, sometimes these almost-never things do happen — but worry won’t change the outcome, and we have faith in the notion of karma.

Wanna involve yourself in this adventure? Great! Come for a visit. Bring friends. Get to know us. Allow us to get to know you. Offer help with a project (we don’t accept regular volunteers, but welcome occasional support). Sign up for a class or event. Offer feedback. Share resources. You get the picture… we look forward to it!